Understanding Digital Safety

Let us examine, the primary sub-component of ICT, the Digital SAFETY.   Several major cyber security experts have hailed the immense advantages of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), and the new economies and jobs it can create, more connected we can be, the equality that it is going to bring into our societies and the multitude of things that we can do at one time, with sheer ease and in no time and increase our productivity and more, as never before in history. There is another side to this coin too, and which is several major cyber security experts, also have termed the Internet Technologies as ‘Man’s first half baked invention.’  It can be compared with a double edged sword, with the only difference being, that the effects of it are not as visible and not as tangible, as one cutting their hand by mistake, because of an edge of a sword and thus blood oozing out, which can be seen and felt immediately.  With we having already poured in hundreds of billions of dollars into Internet Technologies, we have no other option, but to treat it like a swiss cheese, with holes in it. Ironically, this makes the Internet Technologies our only means and the tool to better our lives, and make it more easier and safer, as well as the only major threat and risk.   This is a critically important element of this Technology, a dichotomy,  which has put us in the most vulnerable position, than ever before in Human history, for becoming the easiest victims of all kinds of attacks, from around the globe. The question here which arises is that, can we be SAFE in a SMART city, where the entire infrastructure of the ICT component depends and relies on the IoT ? Whether  our  Politicians,  other  leaders,  intelligence  &/or  law  enforcement  agencies know  or  not,  whether  they  come  to  our  help  or  not,  whether  they  rescue  us  or not,  whether  they  bother  about  it  or  not,  for  whatever  reason(s),  but  we  as  individuals  are  definitely at a juncture in Human history, witnessing and experiencing,  with  or without our absolute knowledge &/or permission, the most dangerous and riskiest times and systems, and thus our lives, than ever before. Continue Reading

Threats and Risks of Digital Safety

Since the advent of the Internet Technology, Digital SAFETY has been highly prone and vulnerable of making us the easiest victims than ever before, among which the major cyber threats, that we have faced has been varied, from the world’s first and most dangerous virus being programmed in one room dingy shack in Pakistan by Technology savvy Islamic elements in 1998 and which was floated all over the world into our systems infecting it all and having stolen and compromised our data, to the Nigerian hackers who are on the look out to steal money through various ways, shapes & forms of cyber-crimes, to the Islamic elements in the Islamic world, having already spread online, luring people to convert to Islam and spreading their Islamic terror network, online & offline, on any & all online platforms available, including social media and other, and having already recruited people from the U.S., to U.K., Canada, India, Belgium, France, Australia, Philippines, Japan, Communist China, Russia, many sub-Saharan African nations, few nations in South America to Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka and several other nations; to the Technologically and knowledgeable sophisticated Russian hackers, who are on the look out for data and money, to the unofficial state run hacking, espionage, spying of systems of other Governments, Nations, Corporation & citizens, including its own, by  Communist China and by the U.S. administrations in the past 15+yrs now. Not the least many of our Free world individuals in authority, also having pledged their allegiances to the herein above elements, of which in the past almost two decades we have had several confessions too.   And above all we have our own domestic problems. Sure, our Politicians would like us to believe, that we are SAFE, but it is only for their interests.  On the one hand they have not been able to stop this war on terror for more than two decades now, which has turned out to break the records of WWI & WWII combined, in terms of taxpayer money, lives lost, destruction caused and the time duration, and so they don’t want to tell us, nor make it all Transparent, while on the other hand the herein above elements can do all they like, through a normal, average, hard-working, law abiding, god feary John/Jane Doe citizen, of our Free world, and through his/her smart and other phones, TV, audios, visuals and through his/her visuals (which is what he/she sees).  As some of the major intelligence agency reports have established, and which translates into, SMART city and smart SAFETY is not about the State, nor the Politicians or the President or the PM, who are soaked in high security at all times, but it is about each and every individual, and their complete SAFETY & SECURITY, as in today’s world, Internet Technologies have erased all borders, and so anyone / any system, could be attacked or used as a tool, by any of these herein above entities, from anywhere, through any of the ICT Continue Reading


Health SAFETY is another sub-components, besides Digital SAFETY and Crime Prevention and SAFETY, of a SAFE city.  Without a Healthy nation, a nation cannot be SAFE, and without it, no nation can have equitable prosperity.  For good health, we must implement SAFETY measures and practices, in the three fundamental elements of Human existence, which are, Air, Food & Water.  Here again, ICT can play a major role in providing long lasting solutions to all these problems, in addition to several preventive steps that we must adhere to.   Today, we are breathing the most polluted Air, in Human history, of which the negative direct, indirect, remote and residual effects are debilitating and dangerous for Human health. In the Top 10 most polluted cities of the world, Air pollution has reduced the average life span, of upto seven years.  Industrial air pollution contributes the most carbon emissions to the overall pollution, followed by vehicle emissions.  Several diseases, from minor headaches to life long, as well as life threatening diseases are caused due to Air pollution, which negatively affects people’s productivity and prosperity. By 2030 more than 50% of world’s population is expected to live in urban areas.  For a SAFE city, we must adopt practices and measures, which reduce carbon emissions.  Industries must practice GREEN methods to keep our Health SAFE, in the areas of Energy, Construction, Technology - hardware and software, other utilities, and more, which must be made mandatory and as minimum requirements by the governments, under the Law.  Electric  and  Flying Cars, and vehicles, are a solution to this problem, but as of yet not affordable to the masses.  Even Hybrid Technology cars and vehicles, in majority parts of the world are not affordable to the masses, as of yet.   Here also, the governments can be a catalyst in boosting Electric and Flying Car Technologies by subsidizing the same.   Agriculture as a major resource for most Food products, is one of the Top industrial sectors to receive the most subsidies, everywhere.  There are a large number of green practices  for growing food, in all areas of Agriculture, such as from replacing pesticides and chemicals with genetically engineered crops to ensuring the proper care of cattle and their excreta, which are the major contributors to unsafe Food products, in this sector.  Furthermore, all street Food & Beverages, being contaminated in various degrees, must be banned, by the government, as it is the cause from the deterioration of daily Human functions  and  the  ability to realize  full  god given Human, mental and physical potential,  to minor diseases and infections to even life threatening situation. The governments must take up this responsibility to  create awareness in the minds of its citizens, that Food is the only element upon which Humans exist and so they must not treat their bodies like a garbage bin, and must stay away from all street Continue Reading