air pollution control in smart cities

AIR POLLUTION CONTROL OF CO2 EMISSIONS BY FACTORIES, CARS AND TOXIC GASES GENERATED IN FARMS While the world’s Top 5 cities with highest Air Pollution are in the developing nations, the world’s Top 5 cities with highest levels of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions are in the developed nations.  World’s highest CO2 emitter is the U.S. It has the highest per capita CO2 emissions in the world.  Communist China is an exception among developing nations, as after the U.S. and EU, who have the highest CO2 emission levels.  African continent has the lowest levels of CO2 emissions. Air Pollution is the major cause of Global Warming.  As the Nobel Prize winning report by the Inter-Government Panel on Climate Change indicates, that, the reason, the ice on earth is melting, is because of emissions of poisonous and pollutant gases which results into severe Air Pollution.  Today the atmosphere on earth has become 1.4 degrees Celsius hotter, than it was one hundred years ago.  The report has warned that by 2050, the global temperatures could rise to two degrees Celsius.  Two degrees to some, may seem to be a small number, but when compared to what the already 1.4 degrees has done, we as Humans would only tighten our belts and dedicatedly start saving the environment and the planet.  The effects of this 1.4 degrees, has caused Global Warming, resulting primarily into El Nino and El Nina.  The arctic is melting faster than ever before in history, because of this. The world weather has already and continues to see, extreme weather conditions, such as too hot, longer summers, harsh cold, longer & harsher winters, snow storms, excessive rains, longer monsoons, less rain or drought, delayed monsoons, storms, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hay storms, Floods, Twisters and much more.  In the past decade alone, Global Warming effects have been devastating, costing tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars.  Contrasting weather patterns has been for the last decade and is, as a result of Global Warming, which is caused by Air Pollution. As Humans, we cannot cease to exist, just because the earth is falling apart.  The Kyoto Protocol was a dream, which we expected to fructify, but Politics marred it.  The rationale used for the justification of the ones who opposed it, has been widely accepted.  Here lies the tipping point, the edge, raising the quintessential question for us - Should we continue to aspire, develop, grow, prosper, accomplish and be Richer OR Should we let the earth fall apart, upon which we live ?  All We can do is delay the earth from falling part, as it is foolish to fight against Nature.  This is where the Balancing Act comes in, the restraining of our habits which cause Pollution, the cautionary stage, which we must adhere to. We can make efforts, We can reduce CO2 emissions, We can reduce Air Pollution, We can innovate, We can make this earth, a better and safer place to live for all species, including us, and our children, Continue Reading